A Gift From God

Why do you always look so sad?
The world is really not all that bad.
I wish I could make it all dissapear
I wish I could make this world seem clear.

I'll be here when you need me the most,
I'll be here to help your life smoothly coast.
You're my best friend, so why should I leave?
My all out attention is what you'll recieve.

I'm praying for you day in and day out,
That you'll find what this life is really about.
It's not about guys who use and abuse,
Nor about friends that backstab and accuse.

Life's about the ones that truly love you,
The God who's forgiving, and friends who help you get through.
This life is a blessing sent down from above,
It's a gift from the God who taught you to love.

So make sure you give this life a fair shot,
Give love all your best, when the rest you forgot.
Give God all your glory, and always be true,
Just remember God loves you and I always will too. :)