A New Found Friend

We're so very different,
Yet so strangely the same.
Our lives have crossed paths
And there's no one to blame.

God is getting my attention,
It can't be for the wrong
No, he sees what we need help with,
And he knows for what we long.

Much of our life was wasted,
With impure thoughts and denial,
We could not find a peace,
Our lives constantly on trial.

But God has brought us together,
So we could pour our secrets out.
And rid the hurt we feel,
The denial and the doubt.

I'm so keen on helping others
But it first must start with me.
It's time to face my trials,
It's time to be made free.

So in this new found friend,
In her, I must confide.
These things that we're holding me back,
These things I tried to hide.

I must finally let it out.
Let my innermost feelings fade.
It's then that God can work in me,
And I can do work for which I was made.

Thank you for this inspiration,
This new goal I have found.
Without you, friend, I would be stuck
You've helped me move around.

September 21, 2006