A Simple Prayer

The Lord is my shepherd,
In times that I'm Lost.
The Lord is my sheild,
The times I am tossed.

And He is my rock,
When I need the firm ground.
His wonders amaze me,
His beauty astounds.

He's always my guide
When I loose my way,
And there's no doubt about it,
He'll always stay.

He went through so much,
So I could be with him.
He went through all that,
So my way won't be dim.

He's brought me through all this pain,
And out of my hurt.
I owe him my life,
But I still can treat him like dirt.

One thing I know for sure,
Is that through all of these things,
My God is never changing,
And everlasting love He brings.

So I lift my eyes toward Heaven,
And thank God for this day,
For he deserves this simple prayer,
I love him in every way.

March 6/04