A Valentine’s Gift

I don’t know what to give you,
I don’t know what to say,
To express what I am feeling,
On this Valentine’s Day.

My hand will do the talking,
And my brain will do the work,
That way I’ll write a valentine,

I’ll start with an I love you,
For you know how much I do,
You are the one I think about,
Every moment through.

Your sparkling eyes, they make me smile.
Your voice it makes me sing,
Your heartbeat’s like my every breath,
Your smile is like the spring.

I think about you when I wake,
And all throughout the day.
And then at night I see your face,
Perfect in every way.

I prayed before that I’d find you,
So I wouldn’t be alone,
Then you came so quickly,
And since then we have grown.

I thank God that you love me,
And I thank God that you are here,
I thank God for the feeling,
That you are always near.

God is the one who gave me you,
The answer to my prayers,
You are so very special,
I know you’re the one who cares.

And so to close this poem I have,
I’ll ask that you always stay.
And I’ll say I dearly love you,
Right now and every day

Feb 14th/04
1:30 am