Beautiful In His Eyes

Verse One:

She feels so insecure inside,
Her thoughts are out of whack,
She thinks no one will love her,
Unless she gains what she thinks she lacks.

When will all the pain inside
Be let out with a single cry?


The pain swells deep within her,
Just let Jesus hold your hand,
Don't think about how others feel,
Or meeting the media's demand.
When you feel the walls are crashing down,
And you're no longer able to stand,
Just look to the sky and whisper a prayer,
Fulfilling God's own plan.

Verse Two:

She says that it's a diet,
But really, we can see.
She's getting way too skinny,
And it isn't naturally.

When will her image be enough?
Answers weren't meant to be this tough.


Verse Three:

Now she has one too many problems,
Just because of one little voice,
That told her she wasn't good enough,
And she was pushed to make this choice.

When will her mind realize,
She is beautiful in God's eyes?


January 28th, 2005