By This Time

By this time I’ve realized,
That I love you oh so much,
And by this time I’ve noticed,
That I love your every touch.

By this time I’ve realized
That forever we will be,
And by this time I know full well,
That you were meant for me.

But why when something is going for me,
Does someone have to try,
And take away these special things,
Without them I might die!

When you know that you’re in love,
There’s nothing anyone can do.
To take it all away from you,
And make all you know unglue.

By this time I know my heart,
And also I know yours,
I know that we’ll stay true always,
Though others close their doors.

And another thing is certain,
That things get hard from here.
But for sure I know we’ll make it through.
So don’t you fret my dear.

And I know things won’t get easy,
And people won’t be true,
But by this time I know what matters,
And that’s that I love you!

March 6, 2004