Caring is a simple thing you know
It requires no thought or words so,
All you have to do is lend your ear,
And let them know no matter what you're here.

Sometimes I think I care too much
Crying over friends and such,
But God put me here, to care for you,
To cry for you and help you all through.

I'll never know why he chose me
To care for everyone I see,
But he did and I must accept
That what he has for me is coming yet.

And I can't wait to see what for
And why I care so much more,
And why does everyone turn to me
With their problems spread so far I can not see.

My answers aren't always right for you,
But with God's help I try to help you through,
For I can't help it that I care,
And wherever you go, I'll try to be there.

God's gift of caring fell on me
And someday soon I hope to see
That there's a purpose for who I am,
For now I must trust in Christ the Lamb.