Dreaming of You

When you first took my hand,
And our fingers entwined,
You took all of me with you,
My heart and my mind.

You told me you loved me,
You told me you cared.
I didn't know what to say,
So I just stopped and stared.

Then I finally managed,
To spat out a line,
"I love you too,
And I'm glad you are mine."

I knew from that moment,
It was just me and you.
And to this very day,
It is held to be true.

Though it's not been that long,
I still think we'll stay.
Together forever,
It's the only right way.

So I'll love you forever,
Hope you'll love me a ton,
Cause I knew from the start,
That you were the one.

I love you my dearest,
From now til the end,
You see me as special,
You are my Godsend.

With all my thoughts spinning,
I leave all behind,
And picture your face,
So loving and kind.

Now I find a peace,
From there I find rest,
Then I drift off to sleep,
Knowing I am so blessed.

Nov. 18/03