~*~God Is The Key In Love~*~

I can't describe what I'm feeling,
For once I know where to be,
I'm saying things I've never known,
For once I can be me.

You helped me figure out that,
Love isn't what it seems,
It's not some silly game we play,
That takes us to extremes.

I think that love is a friend,
Sent down from on high,
Who comes to you right when you think,
This world is just a lie.

It helps you realize that,
In life God is the key,
'Cuz without God there'd be no love,
Then where would we be?

The world would count for nothing,
The pain would be too much,
There'd be no point to this whole earth,
Being here and such.

Plus Jesus wouldn't have came to die,
For us to live forever,
Because he wouldn't have loved us.
And we'd be happy never.

I think this world is screwed up as it is,
We don't need to lose all love,
This world would be spinning aimlessly,
And we wouldn't look above.

If I didn't know this feeling,
And I couldn't love at all,
Then I think that I would lose,
And I would surely fall.

There is a point to everything,
God puts us through each day,
To show others that we love them,
And that God's the only way.

You don't keep something meant to be spread,
Over all this earth.
So go out there and spread your love,
Show others their self worth.

October 28, 2003