Guardian Angel

Lost within her pain
She knows not where to go
This world is full of tricks and games
If they'd only told her so

She hides behind the anger
And pretends to be who she's not
But why can't I just tell her
Her sins can be forgot

I try to show her you, Lord
Through my actions and my love
But now I've lost the contact
I just pray you send help from above

Send this girl and angel
To lead her to your son
Even if it's not through me
Someone else can show her you're the one

I may have done my part
Or there may be more to see
Only you Lord knows which way she'll go
It wasn't ever up to me

Your plan will work the way you want
God I pray now she finds an end
To stop the life she has today
A guardian angel needs to be sent

Liz Schaubel
Aug 15, 2005