Had Enough

I’ve had enough
I’m about to blow,
Some people are jerks!
Frig! You people are slow!

I’ve put up with your junk,
For way too long,
And the tiniest thing,
Will go off like a bomb.

I let all this stuff
Just build up inside,
It’s time to let go,
And finally decide.

Who’s my true friend?
Who’s there ‘til the end?
Who’ll help me through,
If I fall on the next bend?

I need to stick to those friends,
But don’t get rid of the rest,
Even though they drive me mad,
And make everything so messed!

I’m sick of being pushed,
And thrown all around,
It’s time to stand tall,
And find that firm ground.

Then maybe I’ll find,
That it’s easier to live
When I let all else go,
And find more to give.

Because people will have problems,
With others that you love,
You really need to confront it,
Then let God deal with it above.

Though people will hate you,
You need not despair,
Just be sure to pray for them,
Then leave it in God’s care.

He knows what he’s doing,
Trust him you’ll see,
That he cares for all details
And he knows all that’s good for thee.

March 28, 2004