[Verse 1]
She walks through these halls,
Not knowing what she wants,
She stares off in the distance,
Her past forever haunts.

She wonders who she is,
And why she's even here,
She has no life, no purpose,
And nothing seems too clear.

Jesus is the answer
Jesus knows her name
Jesus gave her purpose
And Jesus feels her pain.
He loves her like a child,
Always has and always will
Even though she doesn't know it,
Jesus loves her still.

[Verse 2]
She wants someone to love her.
She wants to take away the pain
She slits her wrists to rid the hurt
Leaving only herself to blame.

She needs someone to tell her they love her
As she stays
She needs to hear it oh so bad
As she walks in her daze.


We need to show her Jesus
She needs to know he cares
We need to tell her quickly
Before this life she cannot bear.

[Chorus - (In key change)]

Even though she doesn't know it
Jesus loves her still
Her Jesus loves her still

September 26, 2004