I Can't Imagine

I can't imagine a life
Where you don't know where to turn.
Where you seem to get no love,
When that's really what you yearn.

It's impossible for me
To imagine a life that's bad.
Where my heart is breaking up,
And I have no real dad.

I can tell you what is wrong,
And I can prove to you what's right.
But I'll never feel the way,
That you feel every night.

An empty heart,
A broken life,
Don't know where to turn
In this time of strife.

I wish for one day,
I could hold all your pain,
Then I could relate,
I could feel the strain.

But I know I never will,
No way, and no how.
Not for one moment
No matter what life will allow.

So I guess God put me here,
To show how much I care,
I don't want your life to fall apart,
But only God can repair.

I love you like you're a part of me.
I cry when I know you're in pain.
Sometimes I stay up all night through,
When I see your face in a strain.

To see you struggle kills me inside,
I honestly cry every night.
And I pray that you will turn,
And stop to see the Light.

Know that when you need someone who cares,
You can always count on me,
For I am ALWAYS here for you,
My friend you'll always be.

September 17, 2004