I Could Not Make It On My Own
(Song Lyrics)

Verse 1
You've helped me as the years go by,
You saw to it that I found a guy,
But I rarely take the chance to say I thank you.
You help me when my friends back out,
You were there when I was thrown about,
But God, I rarely say I love you.

I'm sorry Lord for all I've done,
I should be grateful for what I've won!
But Lord it's become quite clear to me,
I cannot make it on my own, no Lord I cannot make it.

Verse 2
You help me see what's best to do,
And gave me a guy who'll help me through.
Lord, how can I not thank you?
You're there for me when I can't see,
And when I don't want you there for me.
Lord, how can I not say I love you?


Lord, see sometimes I will screw up,
And sometimes it's hard to stand back up.
Without you I am nothing,
Lord, without you I am nothing

Chorus x 2

July 4, 2004