I Don't Know Why I Try

Verse 1
Sometimes I can't see
What you're doing in me,
Sometimes I can't be
What you want me to be.

But if you showed everything,
Surprises wouldn't be
Waiting around the next corner for me.

I dont know why I try,
Cuz I'm just getting by,
But when I hear your story
It shines on me with all your glory,
And I see everything you're doing in me.

Verse 2
Sometimes I'm not perfect,
I feel all wrecked and bruised,
Sometimes I need the Master's hand
To help me up so I can stand,


Sometimes I mess up
Sometimes I break through
And screw up your plan
Guess you plan screw ups too.
I'm not much to this world,
Just one little voice,
But this voice can rise up,
If your name I rejoice!

Chorus x 2

July 9, 2004