In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see a future,
One that's bright, there is no fear.
In your eyes a new beginning,
It's okay to shed a tear.

In your eyes there is a peace,
One not many get to share.
In your eyes I see your love
For a God who won't despair.

In your eyes I see you're happy,
I'm glad you're happy with me.
And in your eyes I see your smile,
I know where I forever want to be.

But in your eyes far back beyond,
I see a different view,
In your eyes there's almost sadness,
Like you're lost out in the blue.

I wish I could just understand,
This look that's in your eyes,
It's like you want to tell me more,
About the hows and whys.

In your eyes is undescribable,
These mysteries are unknown.
But in your eyes it keeps me guessing,
And I'll never be alone.

In your eyes I see the brightness,
Of another day,
In your eyes the calm assurance,
That it'll be okay.

Jan. 7/04