You inspire me so,
That I just had to write,
About you and my life,
How it changed over night.

When you came to my life,
It was all torn and broken,
Then you picked up the pieces,
And took life as a token.

I love you for everything,
That you've done for me.
You've made me alive,
Like I used to be.

My feelings for you,
Are stronger each day.
It's all that you do,
And the things that you say.

God's love has been gracious,
His love has been true.
You know I'm so happy,
That he sent me to you.

For your love it astounds me,
Love for God, and for life,
You always care for me,
Through all of my strife.

I thank God that you love me,
And that you're always there.
My thoughts overtake me,
But I'm always aware.

Your touch is amazing,
Your love so divine,
Your face is a picture,
Drawn on every line.

When you smile at me,
I know all is right,
My eyes can not leave you,
Your wings give me flight.

I could go on for hours,
About how this feels.
About my first love,
This just has to be real.

My thoughts drift away,
And it leaves me with you,
I could not be more happy,
I feel everything new.

Nov. 17/03