Like Theirs, Let My Story Unfold

Sometimes I want to shout out your name,
But can't, 'cause I don't have it in me.
Sometimes I want to pass on the blame,
When life's not like I want it to be.

Give me the patience of Job,
The courage of Esther,
The voice of the prophets of old.
Godliness like David,
Forgiveness like Stephen,
Lord, like theirs, let my story unfold.

There are days that I long for words that ring truth,
My timidness holds them all back,
I pray for more strength in my youth,
Lord, give me all that I lack.

Give me the wisdom of Saul,
The pureness of Mary,
Like Peter, Lord, help me be bold.
Give the leardership of Moses.
The prayer life of Daniel,
Lord, like theirs, let my story unfold.

Sometimes I can fail you,
Sometimes I don't reach par.
But I know I'm your treasured child,
And I know who you are.

You gave patience to Job
And courage to Esther,
You gave a voice to the prophets of old.
You gave wisdom to Saul
And leadership to Moses
And love that will not go untold.

March 23, 2009