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Love Grows With the Long Walks


Love Grows with the long walks,

And each step is a moment lost.

But each moment holds its own,

When in each moment we have grown.


I love you with my heart and soul;

You filled the gap, and my heart is whole.

Each long walk is filled with times

When on the path are upward climbs.


But every time, we overcome, we grow to see that we have won.

And every second, every hour

We grow because of God's grace and power.


So remember the long walks

And recall all our passed talks.

The times we have grown strong

And when our weakness was shown in the times we were wrong.


Remember my love which will always remain

And the joy that we had, despite times of rain

And remember each moment that held to be true

Those long walks were special because I spent them with you.



July 1st, 2007