~*~My Angel~*~

The Lord is always with me
Through good times and through bad,
He always helps me through the day,
When people make me mad.

He sent me his sweet angel,
To sweep me off my feet,
And then I lose all senses,
When your blue eyes I do meet.

Your eyes, they look deeply,
And I can only see,
A look of satisfaction
You like the real me.

I know that I can't hide it,
Your love is there too strong,
So I won't hide from you at all
I'll admit when I am wrong.

Oh Lord, you sent your angel,
Just in time for me,
The walls were falling down inside,
But now my eyes can see.

Thanks for your mighty love,
You helped me stand again,
I love you Lord, you are my strength,
You showed me that I can.