My Escape

Ever since I was a kid,
I felt I never belonged,
I needed somewhere I could go
Where I would never be wronged.

I’d go climb a tree,
And sit way up high,
Reading a book,
I’d be lost in the sky.

I’d be up there for hours,
And didnt want to come down,
To go back to laughing,
Of the "cool" kids around.

Wherever I went,
I’d see some kid point,
Some nights I would cry,
For those I’d disappoint.

Now looking back,
Not much has changed,
People still laugh,
Everything gets rearranged.

I’ll sit up in my room,
And crank up the tunes,
I’ll lie there to think,
Cuz they don’t listen, they assume.

But I don’t let it get to me,
As much as before,
I don’t really care,
About the pain I once bore.

I have my good friends,
who love me for me,
not the size that I wear,
or the face that they see.

I have a God that is with me,
Even when I stray,
My boyfriend thinks I’m pretty,
And he’s there through every day.

And even though others don’t see me,
For who I really am,
I know my friends will always stay,
And so will Christ the lamb.

So remember, though the day is hard,
And it seems you might not make it through,
The God of love is always there,
And real friends will stay true.

April 13, 2004