New Start

It's good to talk things over,
Review what you've gone through,
To see what's good and what is bad,
Take a deep look inside you.

What can I give to others?
Where can I connect?
I'm asking myself over,
Knowing it's me I don’t need to protect.

I want to make a difference,
I want to see some change,
It all starts deep within me,
Then spreads to a broad range.

I want my friends in heaven,
But why am I afraid
To share with them the gospel,
And give them Jesus' aid?

The change has to start in my life,
There's so much I do wrong!
God help me to change myself today,
I know where I should belong.

Tonight, already change happened,
I feel almost brand new.
Some things were weighing me down before,
And it's all been lifted to you.

I have in me a new kind of peace,
On my shoulder, a reassuring hand.
God will get me out of bad habits,
And pull me out of the sand.

Tonight, this joy I've never known,
Brought springs of tears inside,
I feel so cleaned out and new,
Where bad thoughts did abide.

Change my ways completely,
To live in innocence too.
Commit me to your ways oh Lord!
I want to live for you.

Apr. 25, 2004