~*~On Angel's Wings~*~

All I think about is you,
I've never felt so strong.
Everything you do is true,
To explain, it'll take so long.

I can't believe how much you've done,
To help my self esteem,
You've really helped me out a ton!
As strange as that may seem.

Everything there is about you,
Amuses me so much.
In everything you say and do,
I can feel your touch.

Your smile says 1000 words,
But put them into three,
"I love you" are those very words,
And that's enough for me.

You dominate all my thoughts,
I think 'bout all you do,
At night I can't get to sleep,
Cuz all i think about is you.

You say all of the right things,
When the hurting won't go past,
You let me ride on angel's wings,
While I'm praying this will last.

All you do amuses me,
You help me make it through,
I love you like no one can see,
It's all you say and do.

This love no one can take away,
It's here to stay for good,
I feel it every single day.
Wouldn't change that if I could ;)

I'll fly away on angel's wings,
To heaven up above,
I know with you there is no end,
For this is truly love.

October 28, 2003