Poem Of Endless Praise

My love, you are so special
You see what no one sees
You hear what no one hears
You are a pleasant breeze.

You hear my thoughts, my heart
You know what makes me me
You know when I need your help
And you come to set me free.

You never ask me why,
You love me all along
When I go off course
You lead me with your song.

And when each time I ignore the words
Running through my head
You're there watching all my screw ups
As I ignore what you've just said.

I'm not worthy of your endless love
Yet you still hold me in your care
I forget what's most important
With every self-centred prayer.

So God I give all glory to you
With this poem of endless praise
This can't compare to what you've done
But I try to follow in your ways.

March 11, 2005