Quest For Purity

It's hard to stay so pure,
In a world that's cold and mean,
They have gone past all their morals,
To where things are never what they seem

I've screwed up far too many times,
I tell myself the same old lie.
That I'm sorry for what I've done with you
None of this I ever did buy.

But tonight things were different
For I don't want to fall again
This time I've found something to hold,
And I don't want the guilt and pain.

I've found how much I enjoy
When we just be ourselves,
Letting show God's love inside,
And put selfishness on shelves.

The peaceful look of purity
Is on your face and mine,
As we smile at each other,
And sing songs line by line.

For once I know what true love is,
And it's not found in earthly things,
I've found purity in Jesus Christ
And true love in us he brings.

When I look at you, I see it too,
As you look deep into my eyes,
I don't want to know another love,
For anything else is full of lies.

Lord, I never knew but now I do,
Love should be divine and true,
Keep me on the narrow road
Help me know love is only found in you.

~April 20th, 2005~