Starving To Be Beautiful

Contemplating your next meal -
To eat or let it go.
Inside you feel worthless,
Life is harder than they know.

You bite your nails fiercely
To try and stop the pain.
You turn to look around you,
And feel like you're so plain.

Why can't you begin to be
Just like everyone else?
The pain forms a hole that's deep within.
Life begins to feel so false.

Lose five more pounds
Then ten, eleven, and twelve,
Your life is slowly fading
You put aside your self.

Every day denying
This emptiness inside.
The guys that are around you
Continuously bring down your pride.

If they could learn to accept us
Just the way we are
Maybe there would be no struggle
No pain, no hurt, no scars.

But life continues on this path
And time, it cannot tell
When this pain will come to a peak;
And she will bid us all farewell.

So, right now, her life will fade away.
Unless we bring this to an end.
Show the worth she has in Christ
And a love that's not pretend.

April 20th, 2007