It feels as though we're stuck
Into the same routine,
Get together, have some fun,
But where is God on this scene?

We need to bring him with us,
Wherever we may go.
Though many times we forget him,
Thus we don't learn how to say no.

We need to stop that rush,
That builds up right inside,
It get's us into trouble,
Where God's love should abide.

We need to learn to stop it,
So as not to scar within.
Cuz we don't want to go there,
And get into all that sin.

I love you more than this,
Is what we always say,
It's oh so true but we don't think
That phrase throughout the day.

I want things to get better
And I want the best for us
We need to keep our sight on God,
He is our main focus.

July 7th, 2004