Stupid Choices

You told me you'd always be there
You said that I was a special kid.
You thought that I couldn't see you,
But inside you knew I did.

You and your friends thought you were so cool
Drinking and smoking weed;
You told me never to do it
And you showed me where it could lead.

Do as I say, not as I do
Is not so effective you see,
But your words aren't the reason I chose to say no
It was what you meant to me.

You said not ever to do what you did,
You didn't want me to be like you.
I could see that what you did was dumb
And I know I'd told you that too.

The night you chose to drink and drive,
I lost respect for you.
That night I lost a part of me
All that I knew was true.

You wouldn't have done something so terribly dumb,
If you loved me as much as you'd said.
But if you had chose not to drink and drive,
You wouldn't have ended up dead.

January 17th, 2006