Teach Me The Song

Days have come
And days have gone
I've achieved so much
So what's gone wrong?

Lord how am I here?
What did I do?
How did this happen?
Lord where are you?

I need you here
To help me through,
I realize
That I need you.

I realize
That I've been wrong,
I try to sing right
But I don't know the song.

Teach me the song,
And help me get through
Just this one time
Then I'll trust you.

You've been there for me
But me not for you
I haven't been right,
And still you've been true.

You need to help me
I won't give up here
I'll make it through,
The end is not near.

I've friends that love me
And family that cares.
A full life ahead
Full of truths and of dares.

So Lord I am praying
That you don't let me die,
That you'll pull a miracle
Out of the sky.

Then when this is over
And this time is all through
I can tell others what happened
I'll tell them of you.

I know I can make it,
Lord you've made me strong
I am more determined,
Now that I know the song.

December 31st, 2004