Ten is Confusion

One goal,
One plan,
One life,
One man.

Two days,
Three fears,
Tears me apart,
All these years.

Four reasons,
For One God,
He lives in me,
Isn’t it odd?

Five years old
I was then;
That day of joy,
When I said amen.

Six chances,
One for life,
Which one to take,
No pain and no strife.

Seven is perfect,
The chance that’s not there,
God makes up my ending,
The who what and where.

Eight is the climax,
Nine is the fall,
The tenth time now over,
I’m down to a crawl.

This day of confusion
Has come to an end,
There’s unanswered questions
But God’s my best friend.

I got through the five,
And I made it through ten,
This day’s not so bad now;
Thanks Lord,

September 19th, 2005