Thank you Lord

God's grace it does surround me,
His goodness does astound me,
He shows me his glory every day,
And always answers when I pray.

This time he's done something beyond compare,
You already know, but I'm still gonna share.
He's given me someone that I can hold,
One who's made me both strong and bold.

He's showed me everything that I do,
Begins and ends with only you.
You're more to me then everything,
You make my spirit forever sing.

I thank the Father for sending me you,
You lift my spirits when I feel blue.
There's more to me when you're around,
Your love for God sure does astound.

You are the one, and I finally see,
Exactly what was meant to be.
I can't believe that you have come,
And I no longer feel so dumb.

Thank you Lord, for all you've done,
This life long struggle's overcome.

November 26, 2003