The Battle

She knows what she should be doing
And where she needs to go.
But looking in those eyes,
She knows her answer will be no.

She sees he has the same look too,
And knows this moment will not last,
Unless she shoves aside the thoughts
That hold so tightly to her past.

His look is so sincere inside
His touch so soft and warm.
She feels he is the one she needs,
He can't mean her any harm.

But why then doesn't this feel right?
Something feels wrong.
Her heart it tells her not to,
But it's what her conscience longs.

This battle between her heart and mind
Pushes her too far.
So finally she pulls away,
Too late, it's left a scar.

If she only knew how to control her mind,
And follow her own heart.
Then next time she got into it,
Next time she'd be more smart.

But she follows the same routine each time,
And goes further by the day,
By the time she realizes what she's done wrong,
Her innocence has gone away.

The guilt she feels after
Is far too much to bear,
But guilt is a silly thing you know,
It comes and leaves without a care.

Who was to know that this love she felt
Was far from the real thing.
There's another love far greater than this,
Which all the angels sing.

So next time this battle comes along,
She'll pray for her heart to be right,
Because her mind will listen
If she sets it on the light.

December 28th, 2004