The Future Is In Good Hands

You look so hard to a future,
One which helps your plan,
One where you are coming
Down the aisle with outstretched hands.

You see the smile on his face
As you know what’s to come,
The part where he says ‘I do’ is soon
And then the committment is done,

Or rather it has started,
And you know not what’s meant to be
But you look forward to the time together
Where instead of you it’s ‘we’.

You imagine this time so hard,
That it feels like you’re there
And you know how bad you want it,
You can tell by your blank stare.

When you wake up, that’s when you realize,
You’re only sixteen years.
There’s time yet left to go
Some joy, some unshed tears.

You see your future easily,
You forget to focus on right now
There’s time you need to grow yet
Before you take that vow.

So as you sit here waiting,
Make sure to take time to pray.
Pray it’s right for you,
And then keep going through your day.

You see sometimes you’re troubled
That the future won’t be what it seems,
But leave the future in God’s hands
And He’ll take you to extremes.

If you worry about the future
You’ll forget about today,
And it can never be repeated
So live your life God’s way.

So next time when you’re worried,
And you don’t know what to do
Remember God knows what He’s doing,
And He knows what’s best for you.

March 10, 2005