~*~This Is Love~*~

I can't explain this feeling,
It's almost like I'm lost...
I'm lost into your eyes,
My feelings they are tossed.

So hold my hand so gently,
And touch my hurting heart.
Listen to my every breath,
Thats where we'll find our start.

I think I'm falling endlessly,
Then you are there for me,
Baby, I'm amazed by you,
You caused my eyes to see.

I love the way you look at me,
The way you make me smile,
I love the way you say my name,
Please stay with me awhile.

You don't care what we do,
As long as you're with me,
I wouldn't have it another way,
Then to be right where we be.

I could just go on and on,
About this love I feel,
But I don't exacly have all day,
To go about this spiel.

So I think that I will end this here,
Saying all I've said,
I know that this is love I feel,
This feeling is widespread.

October 17/03