To A Friend

I'm praying for you every day,
'Cause I want God's will for you.
It seems as though you're led astray,
I can help you make it through.

I try so hard to be your friend,
But then you always leave,
I thought that I could tell you all,
Now I don't know what to believe.

I don't think that it's helping,
When you hang with those other friends,
I just hope you're doing God's calling,
But to you that all depends...

Some how I really don't think that you are,
But who am I to judge?
You could be leading them to God,
So I shouldn't hold that grudge.

I really hope you know who you are,
And where you're s'posed to be.
I don't think I'd forgive myself,
If you ever abandoned me.

I know how things are changing...
And I'm sorry if I do too,
But just because we now have guys,
Does it mean things will be new?

You really are an awesome friend.
I'm afraid what I could lose,
That is why I try to help,
When others will abuse.

Dec 23, 2003