To My Friend

I used to think I knew you,
But now I'm not so sure.
It seems each day you're changing,
You aren't who you always were.

I tell you every little thing,
Whether good or bad.
I find out now, you don't tell me,
And it kinda makes me sad.

If you're afraid I'll look down on you,
You are very wrong.
For I may not agree with you,
But you need to find where you belong.

I dont know what you're into,
And I don't know where you'll go,
But I pray you'll stay my frined always,
And we'll help eachother grow.

I need you just as you need me,
Not one of us can stray,
Because our lives will fall apart.
But I guess it's come what may.

I pray to God, I don't loose you,
For four years would be wasted.
But the farther you run, the harder it gets,
To hold the few bits pasted.

You don't want to tell me,
And I don't understand.
No longer do I know you
I'm holding tight to our one last strand.

Feb. 10, 2004