Once again I'm torn,
Between my friends and guys,
Well not just "guys" in general,
Cuz theres just one that catches my eyes.

Whenever I am with him,
The whole world dissapears,
And I sometimes can forget my friends,
Who've been there throughout the years.

But truth be told, they tick me off,
When they think they know,
But really they don't have a clue,
And will they listen? No!

So as I try to understand,
I look up to the sky,
I pray for guidance from my God,
I know he will not lie.

I know not what the next 10 years,
Or even 5 years brings,
But I know it includes the guy I love,
And my God who loves all things.

I thank you love, for all you do,
And for your understanding,
I know we'll be together always,
Whatever this life may bring.

March 3, 2004