Trust God To Help You Through

I don’t want you to go through
What we went through
I don’t want you to put up
With people being untrue

Follow your heart
Let go of your fears
Trust God to show the way
As he has throughout the years

Know what you have to do
Be who God wants you to be
Trust the friends that are true
For they will help you see.

You’re in this for a reason
God’s not going to let you down
So ignore the constant pester
Of the jealousy all around.

They’ll try to keep you away,
They’ll say things that aren’t true,
They’ll put you through it to the point
Where you question if it’s like you.

But as long as you’re trusting God
And following your heart,
You should know better not to fall,
To the tricks of those not smart.

All the same don’t do,
The same things that I did,
Don’t ignore your friends
And for sure don’t get rid.

Spend some time with them
As long as you think you need,
But don’t ignore him,
Or his heart, you’ll make it bleed.

Remember, he’s not more important,
But neither are your friends
Try to treat them both as equal
Even if their lives don’t blend.

I know it’s hard at first
But eventually you’ll cope,
Take it slow and don’t forget,
Only God can give you hope.

When times get tough, you can rely on me,
I’ll try to help you through.
I hope and pray you don’t forget,
To be the real you.

~*~ Lizzie~*~
November 29, 2004