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Too far gone

And nothing to say

Every day seems to drift away

Your eyes show all your fears and your pain.


You try to hide in the lies that you've told.

You wish that your heart didn't feel so cold.



A broken world,

An aching heart.

A joy that's been crushed, 

It's been crushed from the start.


The worthlessness 

Your lack of trust

You know there's more

Or at least there must,

Must be more, so much more

Than the pain you feel



You gave love away

A long time ago

And you've never felt the same since then.

You know you want to change

But you don't know how, and you don't know when.


So you go

Along in your day,

And you go it alone.

You can't get out.

You think you're all on your own.

Yah -- you're all alone.



A broken world, 

An aching heart.

A joy that's been crushed,

It's been crushed from the start.


There's someone here to understand

To cry with you and hang onto your hand.

You just have to take hold

Of the truths you've been told.



Keep on searching and you'll find what

You're looking for.  Don't lose faith

I know you'll find just what you're searching for.

Just what are you looking for?...


January 13, 2008