What Is To Come?
(Song lyric)

She fools all her friends
Into thinking life is perfect,
No one knows the pain she feels
She holds it oh so deeply.
Reality is cutting like a knife,
Into her secrets,
Is it worth it?

Her pain is like a wave,
That's been tossed out to the sea,
She's a silent tear of loneliness
Yet she's blind, she cannot see.

He sees his friends all doing wrong
And he knows it isn't right
But he goes beyond his morals,
Lots of pain and lots of strife,
The world is falling down around him
His heart cries out
Is this right?

His pain is like a sailboat
That's been lost out in the sea,
He needs to take control of it,
He needs to be set free.

Their lives are hurting
The pain won't pass
They need your love
Love will help them through
This world of terror
This dark, dark world
In which answers are hard to find
And in blindness, you don't know
What is to come? What is to come?

Their pain is like a foothold
The devil is dragging them down
They need someone to set them free
The waves are making them drown

~Liz Schaubel~
September 21, 2005