What's Their Problem?

Whenever I am with you
My whole world dissapears,
Your arms are wrapped around me,
And I let go of all my fears.

I'm so in love with you,
And it grows each and every day.
Noone understands
Why these feelings always stay.

They say we won't stay together,
They say we won't make it through.
But they don't know what I'm feeling,
Whenever I see you.

They make fun of you,
And try to drive me away,
But you can't leave somone,
Who is in your head all day.

They only succeed
In making me see,
That I've lost some real friends,
Who used to care about me.

We are their joke,
I'm glad it makes their day,
But you know, I just ignore them,
And toss away the things they say.

Because real friends, you know,
Would care not who you choose,
They would be cheering you on,
Not hoping that you loose.

I don't know whether they're jelous,
I have something they can't claim,
But you know, you have some problems,
If you have to be so lame.

I'm trying to accept
That they don't like me and you,
I guess I'll have to try harder
To keep the one that's true.

Because if I'm always there for them,
Maybe one day the will see,
That I am so in love with you,
And you're never leaving me.

September 24, 2004