Why I Love You!

I love you because you're in my life,
You help me in my pain and strife,

You're there for me everyday,
And show me why it's important to pray.

Though parts of it is your affection,
I love you mostly because of your imperfection.

The way when you know you are wrong,
You pretend that you knew all along,

How cute you are when you show off,
How you think it's a weakness when you get a cough.

I love you for the things you do,
I love you 'cause you help me through.

I love you for your adorable smile,
And because you'll stay with me all the while.

The way you look when you are sad,
Happy, nervous and even mad.

I love the way you correct my spelling,
And the way that with you, there's never any telling.

I love your God-like attitude,
And how you try your best not to be rude.

I'd give anything to be that strong,
Not to cry, when things don't belong.

I hope you see now that I love you, and that I always will,
You showed me what is good in life, and how to get my fill.

Without you, who knows where I'd be,
Probably lost in the middle of the sea.

Nothing I do would seem to be there,
Because there'd be noone who really cared.

The bottom line is "I NEED YOU!"
Without you I don't know how I'd make it through

July 4, 2004