Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here,
I wish you could see,
Just how pretty
This place is to me.

The sun will be setting
In a couple of hours,
The sky will be lit
As bright as the flowers.

With beautiful colours
Over the Lake,
And I'll set here watching,
Wishing moments retake.

I want you beside me,
You're the only thing gone
From this picture perfect world,
It's the only thing wrong.

God's beauty all around me,
The air is crisp and clean,
But you aren't here beside me
I think I need to scream.

As I continue looking out
Into the bright blue sky,
It suddenly grows so cold,
And I wonder, why?

As I stop staring,
Pretty begins to fade,
It's cold and dark and lonely
And it begins to rain.

Only lightly now,
But soon we'll surely see
Some thunder pass by overhead,
And a perfect day will no more be.

So I throw my thoughts away
And focus on getting out.
Before I'm caught in the storm,
And thrown all about.

As I get inside
I look out of my room,
and I see a streak of lightning
Sending light through all the gloom.

I'm reminded how God cares for me,
And how he fills my heart,
With light and joy and gladness
Making a new start.

When the skies all clear
And the stars light up the sky,
I look up at them knowing
God's with me by and by.

May 30, 2004