She feels worthless,
She knows no love,
Her pain runs so deep,
It's hard to stay above.

Her walls fall around her,
As her parents divorce.
Her grandpa just died,
She failed a course.

Things pile up,
This pain no one can see,
For she keeps it all inside,
Not knowing what will be.

She feels she has no purpose,
Why is she even here?
No one to turn to at this time,
People don't get too near.

She picks up a knife,
It will heal her pain,
She looks at her wrists,
Where it once brought her shame.

She's about to slit
Into it again
But something stops her,
She doesn't know if she can.

She sees an old picture,
One of her and a friend.
At the youth camp they went to,
Where once her heart mend.

How long since she called her?
How long was she gone?
Lost in her own world,
Where her life wasn't drawn?

She knows not the hour
She drifted away,
From all that felt safe,
And they begged her to stay.

She left all of her friends,
To live a 'better' life.
But this life brought her down,
Bringing her greater strife.

Now that she's hit the bottom,
Her old life seems so good.
Nothing now can stop her,
From doing what she should.

She picked up the dusted phone.
Dialing the number she well knows.
Feeling dissapointed when,
The answering machine goes.

She can not stop the tears,
As she sobs into the phone,
"I just wanted to say good-bye,
I feel so alone".

She took the knife into her hand,
Thinking her life was done,
But before she had a chance to think,
The doorbell downstairs had rung.

She dropped her death onto the floor.
And wiped away the tears.
She opened the door and held her breath,
Someone she hadn't seen in years.

She hugged her friend and wouldn't let go,
She sobbed away the years of hate.
Together they talked and together they cried,
And wiped clean the once dirty slate.

That day her life was saved,
Her heart again was filled,
With joy that's supernatural,
The raging waves were stilled.

This girl is every person,
Who's gone through so much pain,
Let God be the healer,
His life for you was slain.

November 13th, 2004