You Help Me Make It Through

Sometimes it's so amazing,
To see what he does for me,
Sometimes I can only imagine
What is next for me to see?

He helps me through each day,
And loves me without end,
He always seems to care for me,
My wounds, he'll always mend.

When I feel insecure,
Or sad about the day,
God will always help me out,
and put someone in the way.

I dont think you realize,
Those you impact through the day,
But everthing you do in life,
Shows someone along their way.

I go through life just trying,
To make it all be right,
And then someone tells me,
How I helped them through the night.

I dont know how it happens,
I just tell them what I feel,
Then God turns it around for good,
To them it's a big deal.

I try my best to make things right
With what I say and do,
It helps others to look at their life,
And makes them look it through.

I love you Lord!You're my best friend,
You'll always be here too.
I love you like there was no end,
You help me make it through!

October 6th, 2003