Now is the time,
Now is the place,
Now is the feeling
of warm wind on my face.

There's no better time
To spend time with you,
Then this very moment,
My dreams have come true.

The sky is so pretty,
The sun is so bright,
And now is the moment
Of perfect delight.

I sit here beside you,
Watching the sky,
I can't take my eyes off,
The clouds flying by.

Then I turn to you,
And see your sweet smile,
It feels so amazing,
That you're there all the while.

I love how you love me,
I love all the rest,
I love you so much,
My dear, you're the best!

Back to the sky,
I turned so amazed,
The colours have left now,
And you follow my gaze.

I sit there retaking,
The moments that past,
It's all so breathtaking,
It happened so fast.

Now is the time,
And now is the place,
Now is the feeling,
Of your sweet embrace.

Nov. 7, 2003