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My dad has been one of the most influential people in my life. His Christ-like example in my life has definitely impacted my beliefs, my morals, and who I am. Being a pastor's kid, I admit, wasn't the easiest experience. Everyone expected you to be perfect. Actually, everyone expected my entire family to be perfect -- and really, who can life up to that? I certainly couldn't. I drifted away for a while, but dad has always been there to support me in everything, and trust each decision I made (With a bit of guiding in there).

It was kind of a joke between us kids that whenever we were upset, we could hold in the tears until dad came in the room. After that, it was all over for us. None of us knew how to hold in our tears when he came in. I don't know if it was the caring in his eyes, or the feeling that he brought that it's never a bad thing to cry. He made it feel like we could finally release everything we were feeling, because we were safe. It is a good feeling.


My mom has always been someone I could rely on. I know that I can tell her anything, and that she's here to listen. She was always the first one I could run to and tell my news. Good or bad. There were obviously things, like any child, that I had to keep from her, because she is my mom. But for the most part, I could tell her anything. That past year has been the best year between us. I feel as though she has moved from mother to best friend. I love to spend time with her, go shopping, plan things, and just talk. I even work with her now, which is fun as well, it gives me more chances to see her. It's so nice to have a mom that I can tell anything to.


Jon is everything an older brother could be. He's always been protective, loving, and easy to talk to (not without the random beatings and such that every brother needs to give out to feel superior or something). Jon can always make me laugh until I cry, infact, everything seemed much more hilarious with him around.

From walking under culverts, catching toads, falling into frozen ponds, and skipping sunday school, to tears on my wedding day and new year's hugs, everything in the world seems brighter and, certainly, more interesting with Jon in my life.


How to describe Becca. Those who know her, know it can't be done in just a short time. Becca is one of those people that can leave an impression in your heart in only 2 minutes. She is smart, beautiful, and talented. As a little sister, she did what every little sister does, she stole my clothes, begged me to do her hair, and got to get me in trouble a number of times. (A reminder to Jon that she was the one who got us in trouble for skipping sunday However, there was something very special about growing up with Becca as a sister; puzzle making in the middle of our floor to 'help our toys get safely to their proper spots on the shelf' (this is what we called cleaning our room), we write songs together, go shopping, watch disney movies early Christmas morning, spend endless hours making a zoo or theme park together, spying on the youth downstairs (and throwing things at them) when we were supposed to be sleeping, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on of traditions we had and fun times we shared.


My hubby. I love him. You get to hear enough about him on 'our section' I just wanted to add him in here, because he is family now, so it made sense!


My mom and dad-in law. I do treasure all of the times we spend with them, even though it's not as often as we hope to be together. Every moment brings a new memory, whether it's an exciting moment of a new book we love, or something quirky that Jean comes up with (there's always something that makes us laugh). My favourite times are those spent playing board games or card games together, It's something I don't get to do very often with my family because of our busy schedules. It's so nice to not feel rushed to get anywhere or do anything, and, just go there to spend time together,


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