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There may be a couple of Andrew's photo shots in here if I don't remember whether he or I took them. But I give him almost complete credit for my photography skills, so I don't think he will mind.


I think I take photos of people the best. I actually enjoy it a lot more than anything else, because it means I have someone with me. There is something to enjoying God's nature around you when you are alone, but I really like having someone around to enjoy it with.

My most recent adventure was doing a photoshoot for the CD Megan was recording, so I could put together a CD cover for her. Here are a few pictures of that:

Megan_Fireplace | Megan_Wall | Megan_Guitar_Sand

Megan_Beach | Megan_Arms_Beach | Megan_Guitar_Beach

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Landscapes are fun to photograph. It's so easy to see God in the Creation around you. The intricate design of this universe, how could there not be someone in control. Here are some of my favourite landscapes I have taken:

Beach | Beach | Bridge_Forest

Ocean | Bridge_Ocean | PalmTrees

Beach | Beach | Lake

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Flowers are so beautiful. Every spring they bring new life everywhere, reminding me of God's faithfulness, and his creativity. They come in every colour imaginable. I just love them!

| |

| |

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My brother turned me into an animal lover, and I do love animals. I love looking at all sorts of exotic animals, that's why it's great when I get the chance to go to the zoo. Here are some of my favourite animal pictures that I have taken:

BirdonBridge | | Elephant

Heron | Orangutan | Snake

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Abstract is another one of my favourites to take, but I think it is by far the worst one I do. I have a couple good ones, but not many. Here are my favourites:

Glasses | Martha | Palm Branch

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