I really enjoy scrapbooking. It is a hobby that I have happily picked up, although it takes a lot of time, money, and patience, it is something that keeps memories alive for years to come. I have started many scrapbooks over the years, and have only completed a few of them, so I guess you could say maybe I have one too many scrapbooks on the go, but I've been getting more time to work at them, so who knows maybe another few will show up soon. Another thing that I enjoy, which goes hand-in-hand with scrapbooking, is card-making. I really enjoy that as well, because I get to give something a little more personal than the average card to people. I have started making more cards recently, and have scanned in a couple that I've completed, even though I usually forget to do it before I send them - but you can check those out as well. :)

Finished scrapbooks:

Andrew & I

Trip to Port Dover

Scrapbooks I am working on:

Washington DC trip

Cards: (Click to enlarge)

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